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slaveofanarchy's Journal

Kaguya Kimimaro
15 June
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Name: Kaguya Kimimaro

Age: 25

Faction: Underground

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 150lb

Hair Color: White / Platinum Blonde

Eye Color: Green

DOB: June 15th

Sexual Preference: Ambiguous

Medical Information: Kimimaro has an odd mutation of cystic fibrosis due to his insufficient immune system. He is the only known human to have contracted this particular disease. Also, his bones are curiously hard and dense; a result of his body directing all nutrients towards fortifying his skeletal structure, instead of protecting against disease.
Kimimaro's mind, though ridden with complexities, has the uncanny ability to be impossibly stubborn and unyielding in its decisions. To him, there is nothing but one. There is nothing but a single purpose in life, a single reason for existing; and the will to find that reason is God's gift to mankind.

He is a philosophical man, questioning the inner workings of people, and the deeper meaning behind the value of existence. Though he takes into account all world views (For a foolish man turns a blind eye from what they disagree with - andKimimaro is far from foolish.), the Kaguya is, above all else, decisively firm and confident in his personal opinions.

His opinions, which rely heavily on the thoughts of one man, and one man alone.

A certain kind of coldness penetrates his movements and defines his actions. Every word is graceful, every motion fluid, unfaltering. He thinks in calculations, in geometric figures; in the pull and strain of a human body, in the deadly precision of a complex dance. Yet it all falls short. It all feels hollow. It reeks of death and loneliness, despite the perfection he so adamantly pursues.

Kimimaro believes in one, but the intricacies of his being are many. He is zealously loyal to those who are worthy, whether they be "good" or "evil". He fights with the grace of a trained killer, yet his illness often gets in the way of such deadly perfection. He is never easily angered, but a seething, venomous kind of threat will often seep into his voice when he is displeased. He is unresponsive at times, and calmly intrigued at others; and, most of all, he is stubborn and adamant about his right to live.

Which, given the circumstances, is quite an accomplishment.
It takes a village to raise a child.

No one ever said it takes a village to raise a child well.

Little is known of the Kaguya clan. Most of the remembrance of their existence lies within the last remaining member of that clan: Kaguya Kimimaro. What can be determined is the memory of their demise. The Kaguya's were a violent people, and were perhaps the model for what most inhabitants of Spirix considered to be the customs of any Tribe. Truth be told, the clan was simply a small sector of the Kiri Tribe as a whole. The Kaguya's considered themselves separate from any other race, and as such, declared war on all peoples.

They reveled in bloodshed, and were only truly alive on the battlefield.

It was fitting, then, that the battlefield would be their graveyard.

Kimimaro knew of other things, though. That their culture had been drenched in superstition, and that, for some reason, they had feared him. Him, nothing but a pale child who was as silent and steady as a ghost. He supposed it made sense, in a way, though. The Kaguya's were darker-skinned, with gruff voices and broad shoulders, and had an innate instinct for violence. Kimi was powder-white, with a smooth voice and a smaller frame, whose views never truly reflected those of his kin. He was barely male, in their eyes. For such a contradiction of races to be born within their clan... it surely had to be the work of some demon.

He was kept within a cage for most of his young life - a cage wrought of steel, and stone, and dark, dark loneliness. He was taken out, at times, to stand as a beacon for some of their more violent fights.Kimimaro, the demon. Kimimaro, the ghost. Kimimaro, the child of an otherworldly creature watching over the clan as they fought battle after pointless battle.

It was when they lost that the white-haired boy was finally set free.

... It was when Orochimaru-sama found him wandering the forest alone, without a purpose, that he was finally given a reason to exist.

Kimimaro often considered his birth to have happened at the age of nine; the day Orochimaru found him, took him in, and showed him new sights and wonders that he would have never before conceived.

He often considered his death to have happened at the age of fifteen, when his first coughing fit nearly crippled him, and forced him to his knees in weak submission to his body's failure. He had a singularly rare lung disease - his was the only known case to have ever existed - that had been accumulating over the years. Nothing could have prevented it, because it was his own body that was causing it.

Kimimaro was unique in one very important way: His bones were unnaturally strong and dense. It was like his body was working overtime to supply his bones with the nutrition needed to support such an advanced structure. The downside was that another more important bodily function was overlooked during this process. The Kaguya was susceptible to many kinds of diseases, and one, in particular, just happened to stick.

It was an odd mutation of cystic fibrosis, something that a normal person would never have been able to catch. On good days, it brought only a shortness of breath. On bad days, the build-up of unnecessary mucus would choke the pale-haired man, and send him hacking and coughing so violently he spit up blood.

It wasn't the disease that hurt him the most, though. It was the essence of what he had become. Without his health, he could be of no use to Orochimaru-sama. He was useless - nothing but trash.

Living with this inward plague would have been hard enough above ground. Below, it was nothing but sheer torture. Air was sparse enough as is, and despite that fact, Kimimaro's lungs weren't operating at full capacity in the first place. Still, he remained loyal to his position, living in the Underground because Orochimaru had willed it, and working to be as useful as he possibly could, despite his shortcomings.
1. Verbal - Yes
2. Bloodshed - Maybe
3. Injury - Maybe
4. Death - No
5. Other - Contact Me

1. Humor/Crack - It would be hard, but sure 8D

2. Angst - A little here and there?
3. Support in Fights - Depends on who you are.
4. Other - Contact Me

1. Yaoi/Yuri/Incest/Het - Yes/Can't/Can't/Yes
2. Fluff - Uh... we could try?
3. Romance - Would be difficult and full of angst, but sure~
4. Smutt - Prooobably... >.>;
5. Explicit Sex - Contact Me
6. Highest Rating - NC-17
7. One-Night Stand - Contact Me
8. Long-Term Relationship - Contact Me
9. Breaking Up - Contact Me
10. Other - Contact Me
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